Financial Advisors

A Unique Alignment of Interests

Our mutual success requires an approach that recognizes the need for shared responsibilities and proactive solutions. Our sustainable growth depends on maintaining the integrity of our investment management process and our high standard of client service. Together, these provide you the opportunity to offer tailored solutions and a level of service which address the unique and complex needs of your clients.

Shared Responsibilities

We have assembled dedicated investment management and client service teams who understand the nuances of the client management processes specific to the financial advisor. As such, we are positioned to provide direct access to our investment team, whether for a group gathering, educational seminar, analysis of a specific proposal, portfolio review for a valued client, or an introductory call to a prospective client.

Solutions-Based Approaches

We offer a broad array of fixed-income strategies across the spectrum of risk and reward. Our fixed-income products include both taxable and municipal mandates – short, intermediate, broad market and conservative or risk-seeking at each point along the curve. This investment product array allows you to tailor fixed-income solutions to meet the specific risk profiles and desired outcomes of your clients.