Our equity capabilities focus on large-capitalization, income-oriented strategies. Please contact us for further information.

Conservative growth

The objective of our Conservative Growth strategy is to create a portfolio with a below-market price/earnings ratio and above-market dividend income. We focus on investing in solid companies with consistent earnings growth and strong management teams. Our investment decisions are based on long-term projections of economic growth and earnings cycles.

Conservative Growth PDF

Dividend Performers

The objective of our Dividend Performers strategy is to provide a growing level of income which exceeds the average yield on the Russell 1000 with less volatility. We focus on investing in dividend-paying common stocks with projected long-term dividend growth.  


International Equity

The objective of our International Equity strategy is to deliver long-term growth by investing in companies that are financially sound, have solid management teams, strong competitive positions, and future earnings growth that has not been fully discounted. Investment themes are applied on a geographic as well as sector basis.  

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